How Do We Do It?

Our name isn’t just a fun play on words. It’s our philosophy and core belief. You deserve a transparent, clean, naked product.

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How Do We Do It?

You can harness the power of nature, perfectly blended to deliver swift and long-lasting relief.

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It all starts in an indoor hemp farm that is completely free from pests and sheltered from the elements. The growing environment is specially designed with precise temperature, humidity, and just the right amount of LED lighting to allow a healthy space for the hemp to grow up and fully develop. When the hemp plant is full-grown, the stalks are shucked by hand to harvest the colas (flower clusters).

After the hemp has been harvested, it is taken to a separate room where it is hung upside down to dry. The conditions in the drying room are meticulously controlled and precise– ensuring the hemp dries free of any bacteria or mold that may form. Depending on the hemp, the drying stage can last few days and up to a few weeks. Once the drying process is complete, the hemp is ready to be trimmed!

The trimming process is where the magic happens. To retain all those beautiful trichomes (crystals), a human trims the colas down to just the buds– getting rid of sugar leaves and stems along the way. In contrast, most use machines for this process. Machines tumble the colas violently, losing most of their trichomes along the way. Once our expert trimmers finish inspecting their work, the trimmed flowers are placed in humidity-controlled glass jars. Once inside, the hemp flowers develop their natural flavors and aromas, known as “curing.” This process of maturing the hemp can take up to an entire month before it’s ready to be shipped out.

When the hemp flower is finished developing, we make sure the nugs are perfectly cultivated to ensure an organic hemp product that delivers maximum efficacy. They’re then kept in humidity-controlled glass jar at all times to maintain its signature flavor, aroma, and effects until the fresh hemp finds its way to you! Our process ensures Bud Naked hemp is harvested organically and sustainably so that you can experience the amazing efficacy of nature’s finest. Completely naked. The best part? Our flower is federally legal in all 50 states!

Like What You See? So Do We.

Bud Naked products, from hemp to CBD, are all made with the same organic process to keep it naked.

From seed to shelf, BudNaked guarantees a lovingly cultivated hemp product thanks to our organic methods.

We believe in the awesome natural health properties of CBD and hemp, and we’re out to inspire fierce curiosity in our community and our world about the holistic benefits of our Naturally Naked products. Nature wants us to take care of ourselves, and we’ve been given the means to do it. Budding Ventures is here to inspire, educate, and cultivate an organic culture for an organic future.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.